Everyone dreams of their life events to be treasured forever! Here is a way to make it a memorable one amidst the eternal waters of Dubai Marina. How? Yes, rent a private yacht in Dubai on a private yacht rental Dubai with none around.

Wedding on Luxury Yacht

Proposal on an Exclusive Yacht

Any occasion planned and celebrated on a Luxury Yacht in Dubai Rental makes it a magical moment with the ambiance, and richness of the rental yacht amidst the tranquil water.

Birthdays, weddings, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, official parties, reunions, or any other special occasions are mostly planned in hotels, pubs, or within four walls of some building, get out from the monotonous celebration and plan these events on a luxurious floating vessel and we can assure you that there can never be something so exciting and outstanding than celebrating it in a Rental Yacht Dubai.

Nanje Yachts offers the most momentous yacht tour and exclusive deals tailored specially for special events that help you create moments and treasure them with your loved ones. We also tailor romantic dinner dates, pre and post-wedding shoots, host parties, etc. as per your tastes. Our expert crew is specialized in understanding the concept of your event and customizing packages that perfectly suit your celebration.

Own Vessel V/S Rental Yacht in Dubai for the Occasion

Firstly, consider the yacht type you need for the special occasion and the month you plan to travel to Dubai. Month narrates weather conditions that decide the yacht itinerary and the decorations as well. When it comes to yacht type would you flaunt your own vessel or would you prefer a Rental Yacht in Dubai, to trim down the hassle that falls with ownership? Either way, planning your special day skilfully is what matters.

When to Rent a Yacht in Dubai for Your Special Occasion?

You may avoid planning from the month of May to September as it is too hot in Dubai. In the month of October, the heat gradually reduces and November carries moderate weather until next April. Plan your visit to Dubai between November and April. Temperatures are more moderate during these months and you can do most of your trip rather than being exhausted under the hot summer.

yacht wedding in dubai

Type of Proposal You Want and the Surroundings…

We are sure you would want to plan your day in a very special way and in a unique manner. As briefed above, the best option is a Luxury Rental Yacht in Dubai. The way of celebrating the occasions has changed over time, new trends are seen everywhere and on social media. The custom of proposing elegantly on the deck of a Luxury Rental Yacht Dubai, while you kneel down with a ring with monumental Dubai structures in the backdrop – if not called a dream Proposal, then what is it?

Make the moment more graceful with the combination of yachting adventure, different places amidst the waters of Dubai Marina, and delightful cuisines on board. Also, think about what type of proposal environment you need. Do you want it to be a romantic and private moment with just you and your Special One, or do you want to share the happiness with your family and friends? If you are planning to keep it private between you and your partner, consider a luxurious rental Yacht in Dubai for the evening and settling at one of the gorgeous islands of World Island Dubai.

yacht wedding in dubai

As an alternative, if you have plans to throw a lavish party and make it more rightful, consider renting a yacht in Dubai for a day and invite your dear ones for an elegant and luxurious cruise.

All this can happen with no blackout when you make sure you shake hands with a reputable Yacht Rental Dubai company that can help you customize your event to excellence. And most importantly, don’t forget your ring!

Undoubtedly, this is the most important part of the proposal; make sure you pick something very special that your date will be delighted with at the first sight itself. With little idea and a good event organizing company, you are sure to create an unforgettable proposal that you both will cherish forever.

yacht wedding in dubai

Pile Up A Treasure Of Golden Memories

According to us, the best way to treasure your dreamy moments is by clicking images on the deck of the luxurious rental yacht in Dubai with amazing backgrounds. Capture some mind-blowing photos and shoot traditional romantic videos. Discover the meaning of happiness and enjoy your special moments blissfully in Dubai.


Let us brief you on the ideas for a romantic yacht proposal on a rental Yacht Dubai:

  • Rent a yacht for the joyful evening and settle at one of the Islands in Dubai.
  • Hire a yacht for the day and gather your dear ones along for a luxurious cruise.
  • Join hands with a reputable yacht rental Dubai company to tailor your proposal experience with ample amount of space and quality amenities on board.
  • Rent a yacht in Dubai; ask for the best decorations, music, ambiance, and food to make your proposal out of ordinary.

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